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Frequently Asked Questions

Koivu.Cloud is a SaaS product that makes it easy to capture data from existing spreadsheets into a Cloud-based database and integrate it with other enterprise systems using its Open APIs. You can still use Excel as the ultimate data management tool.

If you are using spreadsheets to manage data such as prices, promotions, campaigns, product information, plans, budgets, portfolios, etc., then yes. 

* Extremely easy-to-use interface
* Existing spreadsheets can be used, no extensive training needed
* Makes it possible to easily integrate spreadsheet data with other systems
Enterprise-use certified

We use industry leading cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. The data location is either in the EU or USA depending on the customer. Data is encrypted at rest. Cloud platform vendors have certified their platforms for security, availability and confidentiality. We store minimum personal information (user names). You as data controller are responsible for and owner of all your data. 

It is quick and light to implement Koivu.Cloud. It is nothing like major enterprise software implementations that takes months or years to implement. 

We have monthly fees based on the number of users, solutions, and instances you need. The basic package price includes Excel Add-in, Cloud Server, API for integrations and documentation. Please contact us to get an offer for your needs: [email protected]

Just contact us and we will arrange it for you: [email protected]