Go fast from great ideas
to robust solutions with AI

Koivu Cloud is a enterprise application platform that seamlessly integrates business, SaaS applications, and sophisticated AI capabilities, including advanced chatGPT workflows with long-term memory support. Our platform accelerates your innovation process, bringing your AI-driven applications from concept to user-ready in record time.

Leveraging the power of ChatGPT, Koivu Cloud transforms your enterprise data into a conversational asset. Engage in intelligent, context-aware discussions with your data to drive better decision-making and unlock unseen opportunities.

Additionally, for those familiar and comfortable with the Microsoft Excel® environment, Koivu continues to provide robust data management applications. Whether you’re nurturing a budding SaaS idea or looking for an advanced alternative to traditional spreadsheet solutions, Koivu Cloud is the perfect AI-integrated solution to take your next step into the future of enterprise applications.

Extend business apps to new frontiers

Koivu Cloud is your partner in innovation, designed to meet your forward-thinking requirements. We enable seamless integration of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, including generative transformers, and ChatGPT directly to your users. Our platform equips your system with a diverse range of custom tools, turning AI from a concept into a tangible, actionable asset within your enterprise.

Get your stakeholders to collaborate using a secure portal application

Koivu Cloud ensures secure data isolation for your customers, partners, and suppliers. Through our ChatGPT interface, each stakeholder can interact with and manage their own data without gaining access to others’. This user-friendly, conversational interaction enhances data management efficiency while ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of each stakeholder’s data.

Customized business apps fast with low-code tools

Your business processes are unique, and we help you maintain that uniqueness. With Koivu Cloud, you can swiftly construct data tables, rules, AI-enhanced workflows, lookups, data validations, and APIs at the click of a button. Our platform empowers you to rapidly implement AI-driven workflows, amplifying your operations with the intelligence of ChatGPT.

Transform your spreadsheets into AI front-ends

Koivu is a cloud-based enterprise software platform that meets diverse business requirements without the need for extensive programming. Its unique capability to utilize Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as a front-end for AI interactions makes complex AI solutions more accessible and user-friendly, bridging the gap between traditional business tools and cutting-edge AI technology.

Difference between public AI Chat and Business AI Apps

Public ChatGPT offers a wide-ranging, general-use AI capable of generating text on various topics. However, its broad applicability can be challenging for users seeking business-specific responses. Conversely, business ChatGPT is tailored to enterprise needs, offering an intuitive, focused interface with appropriate guardrails. Its standout feature is the capability to generate content that integrates directly into business systems, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and offering an effective AI tool to streamline business processes.

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