Love your spreadsheets

Upgrade your Excel® from a personal tool to a real enterprise system

Business Benefits

Accelerate activities

60-90% compared to old semi-manual data management

Improve quality

80-100% manual errors minimized or eliminated

Reduce operating costs

10-20% resources allocated to higher value-adding tasks

How it works

Use your existing spreadsheets

Keep the Excel sheets you love and let Koivu help you get the most out of what you’ve built into them

Migrate data into the cloud database with a few clicks

Create a cloud database from your Excel sheet in a super-easy way and profit from Koivu’s powerful enterprise software capabilities

Integrate and automate business processes

Accelerate business processes and eliminate manual data entry with Koivu’s instantly created APIs that integrate Excel data to other systems

What our users say

“Thank you, a thousand times, for this solution. It drastically reduces our workload and improves our user experience. ” 

Pricing Analyst

at a large retail enterprise

“This actually brings
fresh ERP data
into my Excel.

Product Manager

at a pharmacy enterprise

“Privacy data is often managed in spreadsheets. Now we are able to access it securely in the cloud and also use a web user interface.” 

Managing Director

at a privacy consulting company

Integrate Spreadsheets. Accelerate Business.