Go fast from great ideas
to robust solutions

Koivu Cloud is a rapid web application innovation platform for business and SaaS applications. With Koivu, you can quickly get your ideas live and into the hands of users.

For data management applications, Koivu also supports the familiar Microsoft Excel® environment. So, when you have a great SaaS idea or you have hit the wall with a spreadsheet-only approach, Koivu is your next step.

Extend business apps to new frontiers

Koivu Cloud innovates with you and accommodates your future-looking needs. Koivu helps you to bring the finest machine learning algorithms into the hands of users or prototype your new business idea in real markets. A variety of cloud platform services and on-premise applications are easy to integrate into Koivu workflows.

Get your stakeholders to collaborate using a secure portal application

Koivu Cloud offers data isolation for your customers’, partners’, and suppliers’ data. You can manage all data, but your stakeholders can see only their own data, not each other’s.

Customized business apps fast with low-code tools

Your business processes are unique, and you want to keep them so. Build data tables, rules, workflows, lookups, data validations, APIs with a click of a button.

Transform your spreadsheets into enterprise compliant solutions

Koivu is a cloud-based enterprise software platform that fills the numerous needs of business solutions without programming.

Go from spreadsheet to database with a click

Manage data in a database, not in files. Quickly migrate your data to cloud-based database tables.

No more need to download and upload spreadsheets or CSV-files

The best user experience for every user role: a web app for random use and Excel for pro-users. Data is always synchronized through the Koivu Cloud server.

Web applications inside and outside of Excel

When your data is in the Cloud database, you can manage it in a web application. And now, you can also open the web application inside Excel.

Koivu Pricing Suite

Did you already check Koivu Pricing Suite which is a full-featured enterprise price management solution
built on Koivu Cloud? See more at: koivusolutions.com.

SoTender by Koivu

Sotender is a tinder-like application to match employees and working opportunities in the healthcare sector.
It was built from an idea to a live solution in two months using the Koivu Cloud Platform.
The city of Kangasala had the idea – Koivu was the solution builder. See more at sotender.fi.

What our customers say

“Thank you, a thousand times, for this solution. It drastically reduces our workload and improves our user experience. ” 

Pricing Analyst

at a large retail enterprise

“This actually brings
ERP and PDM data merged into my Excel.

Product Manager

at a pharmacy enterprise

“Privacy data is often managed in spreadsheets. Now we are able to access it securely in the cloud and also use a web user interface.” 

Managing Director

at a privacy consulting company

Out-of-box Solutions

You can start from our solution templates, like these:

Campaign management

Plan your campaigns, promotions, and temporary prices in a straightforward way using a solution that is based on years of campaign planning experience.

Price and Promotion management

Manage price settings and approvals the fastest possible way either with the spreadsheet look-alike or in web application.

CPQ – Quote Builder

Create quotes from product-library to quote with flexible pricing and fancy pdf-documents.

Dynamic Pricing

Build dynamic multi-dimensional pricing rules and simulate the prices with different input parameters to come with the right pricing strategy.

Can I start from any of my own ‘monster’ spreadsheets as well?


Book a meeting with us and we’ll show you how the magic happens.

ps. If you do not like to use Excel anymore that’s fine as well – we provide the best in class web experience.


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